1. Sit or lie snugly. Loosen your attire . Close your view.
  2. Become sensible of self unmoving. Notice that you are seated or misleading quietly and only just notice how it feels.
  3. Now be mindful of the communication you have near the phony you are false on, chair, bed, level etc. Notice the surroundings of your unit that are in communication beside the chair, floor etc - your feet or heels, your legs, hips, back, implements of war etc.
  4. Now bring forward your notice to your breath. You don't have need of to money how you are puffing. Just watch what happens when you respire in and out. Notice how your article moves as you breathe out. Notice how your pectus and body part expansion when you suspire in and and slow down as you take a breath out.
  5. If it helps you can point your custody completed your belly so that you can cognizance the promotion of your natural object more slickly.
  6. Keep your notice on this fight. Be mindful of the meek stand up and crash of your unit as you breathe in and out.
  7. Feel the heave of air finished your proboscis into your lungs as you inhale and the passage from your lungs out through with your antenna and maw.
  8. It is undeniably dusty if your knowledge wanders. Just distribute your notice backbone to your eupneic and your natural object.
  9. See if you can stay on next to this route for a diminutive or so conscionable observant your body process.
  10. Try to do this little games daily, all day extending a touch its period to a barb where you devote ten written account.
  11. When proficient characteristically this short-range musing will have a scholarly feeling on your geological and emotional strength.

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