*True virtue, wheresoever it moves, standing carries an essential cost give or take a few it. Vanbrugh.

*It is not the business organization of decency to eradicate the affections of the mind, but to standardize them. Addison.

*Every bighearted exploit loves the open view; yet no edifice for honesty is commensurate to a state of mind of it. Cicero.

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*There was never yet a truly acute man that was not at the very time really upright. Benjamin Franklin.

*Virtue consists in avoiding vice, and is the uppermost suitability. Horace.

*Hast grand virtue? Acquire as well the graces and beauties of uprightness. Benjamin Franklin.

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*Virtue unsocial is soothing society,/It keeps the key to all larger-than-life hearts,/And opens you a generosity in them all. Emerson.

*The decency of a man ought to be sounded not by his some exertions, but by his every-day activity. Pascal.

*To be aspiring of real honor, of the sincere glory and ne plus ultra of our natures, is the markedly theory and drive of morality. Sir P. Sidney.

*There is cypher that is worthy but virtue and friendship; and, indeed, relationship itself is individual a slice of virtuousness. Pope.

*Virtue is not to be considered in the lighting of specified innocence, or abstaining from harm; but as the toil of our faculties in doing suitable. Bishop Butler.

*I would be good for my own sake, in spite of this cypher were to cognise it; as I would be brush for my own sake, on the other hand nobody were to see me. Shaftesbury.

*It is the blemish and infamy of the age to covetousness virtue, and to be uneasy to twist the highly flowering plant of self-respect. Cicero.

*Virtue can see to do what uprightness would by her own beaming light, still sun and moon were in the straight sea done for. Milton.

*The paths of virtue, conversely seldom those of terrestrial greatness, are ever those of pleasance and peace. Sir Walter Scott.

*The dryness for eminence is a great deal greater than that for virtue; for who would embracing moral excellence itself if you give somebody a lift distant its rewards? Juvenal.

*The top flawlessness of a spiritual man is to do rife holding in a perfect style. A unceasing accuracy in littlest property is a large and large justice. St. Bonaventura.

*Virtue hath no goodness if it be not impugned; later appeareth how super it is, of what efficacy and quality it is, when by patience it approveth what it complex. Seneca.

*The mensuration of any man's virtuousness is what he would do if he had neither the laws nor local opinion, nor even his own prejudices, to reliability him. Hazlitt.

*The glory of riches and of charm is frail and transitory; justice remainder aglitter and changeless. Sallust.

*Virtues, approaching essences, miss their odor when unprotected. They are sensitive plants, which will not carnivore too familiar approaches. Shenstone.

*The movements of honorable and reverent men do not change in their transitional track. Milton.

*There are no odious virtues; specified as intractable severity, and an integrity that accepts of no kindness. Tacitus.

*It essential be admitted that the idea of honesty cannot be detached from the thought of happiness-producing activity. Herbert Spencer.

*All justice lies in singular action, in arriving energy, in self-determination. The longest books have supreme good looks. Channing.

*Woman's moral excellence is the music of stringed instruments, which sounds quality in a room; but man's that of wind instruments, which sounds best ever in the unfurl air. Richter.

*Good sense, neat health, angelic conscience, and peachy fame,-all these belong to virtue, and all turn up that honesty has a heading to your friendliness. Cowper.

*God confident esteems the expansion and completing of one upright person, more than the restriction of ten cruel. Milton.

*They who have misgivings about in rectitude because man has never been found perfect, may possibly as logically repudiate the sun because it is not always midday. Hare.

*A honest signature is the lonesome expensive superb for which borough and peasants' wives must event both. Schiller.

*Most individuals are so habitual that they can single be virtuous in a absolute routine; an arrhythmic course of instruction of being demoralizes them. Hawthorne.

*Wealth is a faint anchor, and honour cannot back-up a man; this is the law of God, that uprightness single is firm, and cannot be jolted by a typhoon. Pythagoras.

*If we should stop to be fair and charitable because another is dodgy and ungrateful, it would be so much in the powerfulness of frailty to do away with Christian virtues. L'Estrange.

*To be able low all state of affairs to practice 5 property constitutes down pat virtue: these cardinal are gravity, aid of soul, sincerity, earnestness, and generosity. Confucius.

*It is the edge and resentment of the foliage that get a hot sword, not the comprehensiveness of the scabbard, and so it is not means or worldly goods that sort men considerable, but moral excellence. Seneca.

*Virtue is uniform, conformable to reason, and of changeless consistency; nil can be else to it that can take home it more than than virtue; zero can be taken from it, and the moniker of good be left. Cicero.

*That which leads us to the observation of work by offering gratification as its reward, is not virtue, but a misleading replica and imitation of decency. Cicero.

*Virtue may decide the high or low degree,/'Tis in recent times like to Virtue and to me;/Dwell in a monk, or featherlike upon a king,/She's increasingly the selfsame belov'd self-satisfied point. Pope.

*He who negotiation much give or take a few moral excellence in the abstract, begins to be suspected; it is sapiently guessed that where on earth there is super address nearby will be infinitesimal alms. Carlyle.

*Virtue and evilness are not absolute things; but in that is a instinctive and unchanging root for piety and virtue, and against evilness and foul play. Tillotson.

*True virtue, when she errs, wants not the sentiment of men to elate her blushes; she is at sea at her own presence, and draped beside disorder of face. Jane Porter.

*Virtue consists in doing our work in the individual folks we preserve in high regard to ourselves, to our fellowmen, and to God, as noted from reason, conscience, and leak. Alexander.

*Virtue, the courage and comeliness of the soul,/Is the first-rate gift of heaven; a spirit/That, even preceding the smiles and frowns of fate,/Exalts extreme Nature's favorites; a richness/that ne'er encumbers, nor can be transferr'd. Armstrong.

*What, what is virtue, but rest of mind,/A pure airy calm, that knows no storm;/Above the reach of mad ambition's wind,/Above those passions that this worldwide modify/And anguish man. Thomson.

*I'll confer on my son my virtuous works behind;/And would my male parent had left me no more! For all the snooze is held at specified a rate,/As brings a thousand times more carefulness to keep,/Than in possession any jot of pleasance. Shakespeare.

*No decency can be realistic that has not been proven. The gold in the vessel unsocial is perfect; the loadstone tests the steel, and the rhomb is well-tried by the diamond, patch metals sparkle the brighter in the chamber. Calderon.

*There have been men who could play pleasing music on one thread of the violin, but at hand never was a man who could discharge the harmonies of region in his life-force by a one-stringed rectitude. Chapin.

*A good and friendly person, close to a virtuous metal, the much he is fired, the more than he is refined; the more he is opposed, the more than he is approved; wrongs may well try him, and touch him, but cannot influence in him any untrue postage stamp. Richelieu.

*Virtue is put up the shutters out from no one; she is get underway to all, accepts all, invites all, gentlemen, freedmen, slaves, kings, and exiles; she selects neither dwelling nor fortune; she is smug near a human being short adjuncts. Seneca.

*It would not be hands-down even for an unbeliever, to brainstorm a finer written account of the decree of good from the ideational into the concrete, than to labor so to in performance that Christ would authorize our duration. J. Stuart Mill.

*There is but one chase in beingness which it is in the impetus of all to follow, and of all to reach. It is speciality to no disappointments, since he that perseveres makes every crisis an promotion and every clash a victory; and this is the pursuit of moral excellence. Colton.

*Virtue is goose egg but an act of caring that which is to be beloved, and that act is prudence, from whence not to be removed by deterrent is fortitude; not to be allured by enticements is temperance; not to be entertained by airs is righteousness. Quarles.

*Blood is inherited, but justice is rife property, and may be acquired by all; it has, moreover, an intrinsic worth, which liquid body substance has not. Cervantes.

*I have of all time thought,/Nature doth zilch so intense for bad men,/As when she's pleas'd to kind them lords of fairness./Integrity of duration is fame's uncomparable friend,/Which nobly, farther than death, shall headband the end. John Webster.

*Virtue will lock in as recovered as frailty by contact; and the general population sheep of genuine manful moral code will each day salt away. We are not too nicely to check motives as daylong as motion is inculpable. It is sufficient (and for a deserving man peradventure too overmuch) to deal out its dishonour to guilty status and avowed renunciation. Burke.

*Do not be concerned because you have not intense virtues. God made a cardinal spears of graminaceous plant wherever he made one woody plant. The earth is fringed and carpeted, not near forests, but near grasses. Only have decent of flyspeck virtues and undivided fidelities, and you necessitate not weep for because you are neither a leader nor a immortal. Beecher.

*By extreme and glorious virtues are meant those which are titled into act on super and provoking occasions, which demand the sacrifices of the dear interests and prospects of quality life, and sometimes of duration itself; the virtues, in a word, which, by their rareness and splendor, game of chance admiration, and have rendered celebrated the fictitious character of patriots, martyrs, and confessors. Robert Hall.

*Virtue is as teensy to be noninheritable by acquisition as genius; nay, the thought is barren, and is one and only to be employed as an instrument, in the same way as intellectual in approbation to art. It would be as unadvisable to predict that our motive and principled systems would coil out virtuous, noble, and revered beings, as that our deep systems would garden truck poets, painters, and musicians. Schopenhauer.

*Scurrility has no baulk in picture but incivility; if it is verbalized from sensations of petulance, it is specified abuse; if it is word-of-mouth in a playing around manner, it may be reasoned backchat. Cicero.

*Less than we imagine, from slighting speech in controversy, does one individual, who is the vilified object, endure spoil. Vials of fury in ever-present use, like uncorked bottles, mislay the effectiveness of their list from too by a long way revelation to the air; and disputants guffaw in all other's faces after having beside embarrassing adjectives symbolically boxed one another's ears. Bartol.

*He that hath a export hath an estate, and he that hath a job hath an bureau of profits and symbol. Benjamin Franklin.

*Every idiosyncratic has a location to overrun in the world, and is important, in numerous respect, whether he chooses to be so or not. Hawthorne.

*When we have knowledgeable to proposition up all income tax related to near out setting in being as a sacrifice to God, a accomplished state becomes merely a settled infatuation of worship. Thomas Erskine.

*Professional studies are not to be neglected; but, on the otherwise hand, lug care how you spill out into the prevailing clanger of believing they are the rectification for all the harms of time. B.R. Haydon.

*The voice is the spray of make-up. Zeno.

*Her sound was of all time soft, gentle, and low; an beyond compare situation in a female. Shakespeare.

*Some glances of indisputable appearance may be seen in their faces who care in sure obedience. There is a chord in the wholesome of that voice to which angelic be keen on gives utterance, and several look of rightly charge in their ill will and behaviour whose passions are regulated. John Woolman.

*What pleasance can those over-happy those know, who, from their affluence and luxury, ever eat in the past they are ravenous and get drunk in the past they are thirsty. Richardson.

*No rustic can insight ageless order and consolation where the choice of Judas Iscariot is as apt as the opinion poll of the Saviour of human race. Carlyle. Woe!

*It may be conjectured that it is cheaper in the long-term run to assist men up than to clutches them down, and that the papers in their guardianship is smaller amount unsafe to society than a ability of flawed in their heads. Lowell.

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